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Basic of success - your health

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1 Favoure
142.80 EUR (VAT incl.)
Spital Zürich, first floor
All people who want to live healthy lives
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Date Start Time Finish Time Duration Room
Jan 12, 202014:0016:002 hrsAuditorium
Jan 13, 202010:0016:006 hrsAuditorium
Feb 9, 202014:0016:002 hrsAuditorium
Feb 10, 202010:0016:006 hrsAuditorium
Mar 9, 202014:0016:002 hrsAuditorium
Mar 10, 202010:0016:006 hrsAuditorium
Apr 13, 202014:0016:002 hrsAuditorium
Apr 14, 202010:0016:006 hrsAuditorium
May 11, 202014:0016:002 hrsAuditorium
Jun 8, 202014:0016:002 hrsAuditorium
Jul 13, 202014:0016:002 hrsAuditorium
Sep 7, 202014:0016:002 hrsAuditorium


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